Varying Degrees of Goodness

Freshman orientation taught me that after I graduated Columbia I would have no free time due to the amount of thought provoking discussions I would be having with leaders of business and politics yet here I am about to go play mini golf on my day off. 

inconsolable suarez dot gif is the best gif

Pretty much need to kick ass at work Wednesday to Friday or else. No pressure. None at all. 

I have a weekend off for the first time since August and I have a lot of big plans on the table!

/eats an entire bag of honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Allyce Najimy, Peter Gammons, Paul Epstein and other neat people committed to bettering lives of the underprivileged through their work with The Foundation to be Named Later. You can read about FTBNL, its Boston and Chicago beneficiaries and the Gammons…

Cringeworthy moment I was reminded of today:

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I think I’m generally more disturbed by frank depictions of gore and the like than things with really disturbing implications?

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leave frank gore alone


Friday Nights, again

ok so here are my thoughts

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Basketball Idea
In my utopian vision, this is for 2K but I’m sure you could use it as a regular fantasy league. 

Format: 8 teams. Blind auction live draft, with salaries in the format of the NBA salary cap. Everyone simultaneously writes their bid down for a player to bid. 
Draft/Salary Cap: Each player is “spotted” $60 to bid on players, any $ spent over 60 comes out of their own pocket and forms their entry fee/the pot for the champion. The cost mimics the NBA’s new luxury tax: 1 dollar for every dollar $1-10 over the tax, $1.50 per for going $11-20 over, $2 per for going $21-30 over, and $5 for every dollar 31 and over the salary cap. 
Example: if your roster is worth $65 you would pay $5, if your roster is worth $85 you would pay $50. If your roster is $100 you would pay $200 to enter the league.
-$1 players do not count against the cap, so you try to get LeBron at $60, fill out your roster with scrubs and pay no entry fee. You must draft no fewer than 10 and no more than 15 players. 
-Again, these games will be played in 2K ideally so draft a team that fits your skillset in that game. Players will be listed for auction in order of their ratings in the game. No classic players obviously. 
Schedule: You play each other member of the league 4 times in the regular season for a total of 28 games. Top 4 teams make the playoffs. 7 game semis and finals. Play at your own pace but all regular season games must be complete by an agreed upon date.

Free Agency: This is what my friend and I are having the biggest issue figuring out. I kind of think rosters should be locked at the draft, but that if someone wants to sign a free agent they should have to petition to open a bid on the player. Maybe free agents should only be open to the bottom half of the league. 
Tell me why this is great or terrible. Looking for NYC-based people with 2K experience for the beta version of the league. Let me know.